The latest advances and technologies in orthodontics have made it possible to treat young children, young adults and older adults for orthodontic (braces) treatment, thereby making it possible for them to enjoy healthy teeth functioning and in turn, a happy and healthy life.

Recent innovations in orthodontic appliances, especially the advent of direct bonding, and less visible brackets and tooth-colored wires, have made it possible for adults to seek out orthodontic treatment and ensure healthy teeth functioning.

One such remarkable development has been Lingual Orthodontics or Invisible Orthodontics, which has ensured the best of braces with treatment timing from six months to two years depending upon severity of the problem. In addition, age could also be a factor that is taken into consideration. However, on the whole, the results have been found to be gratifying even in patients of advanced age.

Siri Dental Hospital specializes in Adult Orthodontics & offers world-class braces treatment with new advanced braces.

early orthodontic screening:

It’s important that kids and children undergo an early period of treatment, while still under active growth phase. Leading experts recommend that that they have an orthodontic screening and later proper treatment by the age of 7 years. For girls, age 8 to 10 years is considered ideal while for boys, age 10 to 11 years is considered proper.

The timing for treatment should be at the precise age period and accurate, all under an expert dental specialist’s care and observation.

why early orthodontic screening is recommended?

This is because if they undergo early orthodontic screening and treatment, they can benefit enormously and that too while they are still under active growth phase. It is in this period that kids and children are said to have mixed dentition (meaning few milk teeth and also few permanent teeth).


The following factors need to be on the look-out notice:

  • Overbite: Upper front teeth overlap lower teeth.
  • Deepbite: Upper front teeth cover up lower teeth when biting down.
  • Underbite: Lower front teeth overlap upper teeth.
  • Openbite: Upper and lower teeth do not come together when biting down.
  • Spacing: Gaps between the teeth.
  • Protruding Front Teeth: Upper front teeth inclined forwards abnormally.
  • Crossbite: Lower teeth or tooth is on the inside of the upper teeth.
  • Crowding: Occurs when there is a twist and turns of the teeth or teeth may come in front of or back of other teeth.


Also called Phase-I treatment, it:

  • HELPS MINIMISE THE NEED FOR TOOTH EXTRACTION: This way, all permanent teeth get accommodated and also there will be no need to extract permanent teeth at a later stage for creating space.
  • HELPS PROTECT PROTRUDING FRONT TEETH FROM DAMAGE AND TRAUMA: With early orthodontic treatment, protruding or broken/chipped teeth can be corrected rapidly thereby helping prevent permanent damage.
  • ENSURES AESTHETIC FUNCTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: With early treatment, buck-toothed as well as bunny-rabbit appearance can be got rid of. If this is done, then this will be followed by wonderful personality change. Know that this kind of case can often go unnoticed if you wait till 12 years of age.

At Siri Dental Hospitals, we:

  • Offer special appliances to influence the growth relationship of the jaws themselves. (This is not possible when all the permanent teeth have already erupted into the mouth).
  • Offer the latest of orthodontic techniques using the most modern Orthodontic appliances that assures safe and painless treatment.


It’s a newer technique that helps reduce treatment timing in adult patients. Under this type of orthodontic, the bone is used as the anchor area with mini-implant, instead of molar teeth. This dramatically reduces friction between braces & wire and also helps move the teeth at a faster rate, thereby further reducing treatment time.