Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A Completely edentulous (Loss of all teeth) jaw affects patients psychologically , functionally and reduces the overall health and quality of life.

Most conventional method of replacement of whole set of teeth are – Removable dentures

However this age old method of teeth replacement poses problems of – Dislodgement while talking, difficulty while eating and speaking, requires regular cleaning and proper maintenance, usually gives a flattened and sunken appearance and requires periodic replacement.

Advances in dental therapies and improved protocols have made implant-supported restorations biologically and mechanically acceptable and is the present revolutionary concept in dentistry.

Full arch implant-supported restorations have become increasingly popular and is the most effective way of replacing the whole arch of teeth .

Advantages :

They MIMIC natural teeth – They are fixed , strong , and give a lifetime of support

No risk of dislodgement

Preservation of jaw bone

Less maintenance than dentures

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants can be done in two ways

2-4 implants per jaw on which supported dentures are placed

magnetic push button system. These are cheaper and more effective that removable dentures without implant support.

4-6 implants per jaw on which fixed bridges made of porcelain ,zirconia are placed.

long-lasting and totally mimics natural teeth and occlusion. Though expensive, they are the best innovation and option of the times.

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes,bleeding disorders, inadequate bone support may not qualify for full mouth implants


Here we are explaining the advantages of second group of implants (4-6 PER J AW )

Immediate loading which restores esthetics and function.

Minimisation of treatment time.

Suitable for people suffering from dental anxiety.

Maximizes the use of available bone.

Implants are inserted the same time the teeth are extracted.

Siri Dental Hospital has a team of excellent Implantologists, well-supplemented by world-class equipment. The team uses some of the globally leading brands of implants like Nobel- Biocare, Biohorizon, and Adin, which are popular the world over, highly compatible with the human bone, and in 90% of the people, last a lifetime.