Self ligating Damon System

Looking to have your teeth straightened in a quick, efficient, and Smooth manner?

If yes, then there is quick-fix treatment in the form of Power Braces, that does not compromise the health of your Natural teeth and in fact is easy to clean and faster to treat.


Can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic complaints: mild crooked teeth, Spacing – gaps between teeth, Over jet – front teeth stick out, etc.

Faster, smoother ,hassle free and painless and give quick results in simple cases.

It saves the patient’s appointment time.

Ugly looking elastic bands are not necessary as these braces have power to move teeth all by themselves.

Metal, Glass and Ceramic (White ) varieties are available.

NOTE: This treatment is recommended only in select cases. As such the final decision to treat you remains the sole decision of your orthodontist.