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Tooth Wear

What is tooth wear?
It is a general term describing the loss of dental hard tissues from the surfaces of the teeth caused by factors other than dental caries, trauma, and developmental disorders, resulting from abrasion, attrition, and erosion acting singly or concurrently, i.e. abfractions.
1. Abrasion
2. Attrition
3. Abfraction
4. Erosion
ABRASION: Wear process involving foreign objects sliding or rubbing against the tooth surface with a combination of a hard toothbrush, an abrasive toothpaste, and an intensive horizontal brushing technique is believed to cause well-defined, V-shaped notches in the cervical region.

ATTRITION: Wear process of tooth substance by tooth-to-tooth contact. Parafunctional habits such as Bruxism and clenching were also believed to be important factors in causing attrition.

ABFRACTION: Noncarious cervical lesions caused by tensile stress generated from occlusal loading, and microfracture of cervical enamel rods.

EROSION: Loss of dental hard tissues by non-bacteriogenic acid etching may be caused by intrinsic or extrinsic acids.

The treatment must involve several modalities, which should be chosen and initiated in the following sequence :
i. Pulpally involved teeth – Endodontic therapy / Extraction depending upon their storability.
ii. Parafunctional activities (bruxism) be controlled by protecting occlusal splints.
iii. Any exposed sensitive dentin should be protected.
iv. Periodontium is examined and any pathology is treated.
v. Restorative modalities can be initiated.

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