Smile Designing in Hyderabad – Benefits and Treatments A radiant smile is a universal symbol of warmth and confidence. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your smile, it’s time to explore the world of smile designing. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various aspects of smile designing,

Unlocking the Secrets of Clear Aligners: Your Comprehensive Guide to Invisible Braces In recent years, invisible braces have become a popular choice for people seeking a more discreet way to straighten their teeth. If you’re considering this orthodontic treatment, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll

Tooth Sensitivity: An Overview Author:  Tooth sensitivity (dentin hypersensitivity) is the pain or discomfort experienced when a tooth is exposed to hot, cold, sweet or very acidic food and drink, or when a tooth comes in contact with cold air. It may occur over a period of time as a

Bruxism and the Temporo-Mandibular Joint Author:  “Doctor I feel a sharp pain in my lower posterior teeth”. These were the words of a young lady in her mid-twenties. She dropped in on a busy day, without a prior appointment and had to be squeezed in, before my eleven o clock

White Poison In Your Food Author:  Every day we are consuming an excessive quantity of added refined sugar and the fact is that human body cannot tolerate this much amount of refined carbohydrates. The vital organs is the body are actually damaged by this gross intake of sugar.   Sugar

Orthodontic Treatment: A Few Common Queries Author:  WHEN SHOULD A CHILD SEEK ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT? Orthodontic treatment is usually recommended to correct malocclusion and can help improve your facial appearance. CAN ADULTS SEEK ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT? There is a myth that only kids and teenagers can get their teeth corrected. in fact,

Tooth Wear Author:  It is a general term describing the loss of dental hard tissues from the surfaces of the teeth caused by factors other than dental caries, trauma, and developmental disorders, resulting from abrasion, attrition, and erosion acting singly or concurrently, i.e. abfractions.TYPES OF TOOTH WEAR: Abrasion Attrition Abfraction

Gingivitis and Periodontitis Author:  Gingivitis Gingivitis means inflammation of the gums or gingiva. It’s a common and mild form of gum disease that commonly occurs because a film of plaque, or bacteria, accumulates on the teeth and gumline. Gingivitis is a non-destructive type of periodontal disease, but untreated gingivitis can

Types of Tooth Space Maintainers for Children Author:  Children may need a space maintainer when their baby (primary) tooth lost or extracted prematurely. A space maintainer is custom-made of metal or acrylic, which can be either removable or fixed. There are two types of Space Maintainers: 1. Fixed Space maintainer